Billing Services & Fees

Hope Medical Billing provides service-based, medical insurance company billing for most small to moderate-sized medical practices, with a specialization in Acupuncture & Natural Health Services billing. Our services are virtual, allowing for any State law specifics, and can include bookkeeping for copays and insurance payouts. We generate reports weekly and stay on top of all claims to make sure that you get paid as promptly as possible, without the fear of large lump sums owed to you by patients.

Services Include:

  • Claims Billing
  • EOB tracking
  • Generating Accounts Receivable Reports
  • Patient Invoicing



For small practices of under 50 patients there is a One-time set up fee of $300.

Practices larger than 50 patients but under 500, one-time set up fee of $500.

Practices larger than 500 patients has a one-time set up fee of $1,000.

Our price is 10% of net income (what actually comes in, not what is billed out) from insurance-billed services, including copays.

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